ria profiel

About Ria.

Ria Hotting was born and grown up on a farm in Westzaan, a little village on the Dutch country side.

Ria Hotting started with painting 25 – 30- years ago.

Her love for painting animals and old folks has been there for as long as she can remember, along with her desire to draw and paint in a natural style.

When Ria is painting nothing else exsist around her, for her it’s like a meditative state of mind.

It’s almost as if time stand still as Ria retrive her memories through painting.

It took her many years of struggle to be at the level she’s right now.

She is still developing to reach a higher standard in her art.


When she was visiting the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter (Smithers, Canada) it was love at first side with the animals.

She started to paint the bears, mooses, deers and other animals at the Wildlife Shelter and donated her art-works to them for fundraising.

Ria Hotting’s involvement has been with one organisation: www.wildlifeshelter.com